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White ink tattoo // 14.4.2014

58 days old 

CRACKED 14/4/14


The Dream of Queen Catherine (1781) — Henry Fuseli 

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Performance documentation

Video: 3:04 min., DVD, PAL, loop

Camera by Andreas Dammertz

The Artist (Nezaket Ekici) stands with the back to the viewer, in an created red colored room, with a wedding dress 8 meters long and 6 meter width. She tries to pull up desperately in Sisyphus work the long zipper in the back. Because the dress is closely sewed on purpose in the sleeve, shoulder and hip, it will be impossible to come up with the zipper. By using microphones, the noises of the zipper and breathing become audible. During 30 minutes, the viewer is torn whether he should help or not. In the end the Artist stops undone things with an open back and leaves the room with her long train.



Ana Mendieta - Silueta Works in Mexico, 1973-77

iconographia 2006 - 10

Traci Kelly, collaboration with richard hancock

durational performance

photographs: oliver rudkin

in the fold between flesh, between hearts, and between breaths; two bodies are wrapped in a second skin, a skin that will change their economy and shed their dreams. iconographia is a text that flows and ebbs, that begs, borrows and steals, and ultimately exchanges power for dust.

iconographia is a 3 hour durational performance installation, during which traci kelly seals together the entwined bodies of richard hancock and a slaughtered pig with gold leaf. it is a shimmering meditation on ritual, spectacle, value, and loss.


I’m still laughing.

Anika Smulovitz // In search of… ? (1)

Amanda Palmer // The art of asking

Veiled virgin // Giovanni Strazza

18 Other things that FBI stands for (for no reason)

Flowers By Irene
Full Blooded Irish
Frank’s Breakfast Inn
Fluidized Bed Incinerator
Fungi, Bacteria and Insects
Famous But Incompetent
Forgetta Bout It
Fat Baggers Inc
Fueled by Insanity
Fear of Being Identified
Foreign Body Injuries
Friends of the Brain Injured
Find Boys Immediately
Full Blown Idiot
Funk Brothers Incorporated
Filled with a Bunch of Information
Fun Beyond Imagination
Fish Based Interface


Affectionate Ladies c. 1900s-1980s

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(Remote control and real time interaction with viewers), 2014 Ibon Mainar

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